Customer Reviews

You are great!

The docs look beautiful! 

Thanks again.

-Sherri B.

Escrow Officer , Houston

Just wanted to tell you..

Thank you Mrs. Hunter.  I appreciate the expertise and knowledge you shown at closing.  May GOD bless and keep you.

-Edelyn J.

Signer, Houston

Easy and Pleasant :)

 The overall experience was easy and pleasant! I would recommend you to anyone closing on a home! Everything was great! Thank you! 

- Julie B.

Signer, Katy

Great job!

Great Job- Thanks Stephanie!

David W.

Signer, Katy

Proud to recommend!


I feel that you provided excellent service ,and you made the process quick ,and easy!  I am proud to recommend your services

Pamela S.

Signer, Houton

Great service!

 Great service and personable!  Appreciated her timeliness and professionalism.  

-Denise M.

Signer,  Houston

Glad to know you!

 First of all I want to congrats to the Metropolitan Escrow and Title to have you in their team.  You were a great Professional . You managed all the situation in a very good manner and the Seller and the Buyer were Always comfortable . I want to thank you so much for your services , and most of all because the signing was late, and the property was Far, you never showed being in a rush , always gave the necessary time of the clients.
Thank you so much Stephanie and I am to glad to know you.
Beatriz G. 

Realtor, Houston

Very professional :)

 This is my second time using a notary service.  I found your approach in handling my case to be very professional, I could easily follow your instructions and the document overview provided by you was thorough and complete. As I compare it to my first experience.

 I appreciate you’re being  able to accommodate me due to my disability.

-Sheryl B.

Signer, Houston

Quick and painless-

Thanks Stephanie, 

That was quick and painless!

-William D.

Signer, Houston